It is not often that someone will see me in anything colorful, let alone prints. I never am particularly in the mood to go shopping and update my wardrobe either. I like my uniform black, white, grey and denim, but sometimes a print just speaks to me. On the rare occasion, I listen and take the plunge. I worry about spending money on a pricey  blouse as I hate dry cleaning, and what if the print is so out next season, I can never wear it again? What if I get sick of the color?


There are a few blouses that I have from several years ago though I have surprisingly never tired from. Whenever I pull it out of my closet, my coworkers and friends give me quite the reaction.


But I’m in a Springy mood.. if the weather can’t pull through at this point, I’m going to have to bring the bright I want to see in the world.



Some other prints I’m shamelessly coveting and inspired by right now

Clover Canyon


Proenza Schouler


Mara Hoffman


Nina Signature


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