When I think of American Fashion, I think of Ralph Lauren with his clean lines, turquoise jewelry, and use of whites and khakis.  Then I think of denim and Levi’s Strauss and how long they have been making the same styles and how much cooler it is to have a pair of original red label Levis…

Check out this Lapis Mix Wrap Bracelet for something easy to wear with denim:  http://www.chanluu.com/Wrap-Bracelets-p/bs-2724weblapmix.htm

Check out this cuff, which is just like mine but in a Lapis Mix: http://www.chanluu.com/Bracelets-p/bs-2731weblapmix.htm

See my turquoise necklace here, except in a turquoise mix! : http://www.chanluu.com/Necklaces-p/ns-7714webturmix.htm

See my Gold fringe necklace here in Gunmetal:  http://www.chanluu.com/Necklaces-p/ns-8576webgun.htm


4 thoughts on “Ode to America

  1. Red, White and Blue! this blog is so refreshing! great outfit! very simple and i love how you adorned it with all your chan luu! so cool! turquoise is a classic stone just like your levis! love it!

    happy 4th!

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