Coachella blew me away this year.  Literally.  High wind advisories and an inconvenient dust storm on Sunday turned the typically clear desert sky into a eerie white fog.  I bounced the chill away during Paul Oakenfold’s epic set in the Sahara tent and shivered through Rodriguez’s “Sugarman” which preceded a soulful thank you to the diminished crowd.   The otherwise clear weekend left me without a voice (an affliction my crew found hilarious) and covered in a layer of dust.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely.


Mobile art: A snail covered in artistic graffiti slowly moved through the festival the entire weekend.

coachella 119

snailwus snail.night

The new tent: The increased demand for EDM pushed Goldenvoice into adding a sixth entirely enclosed stage named the Yuma tent.


Art: The “White House” or “Mirage” had a virtual pool.

house day house

And of course, we were all bathed in Chan Luu.  Love my girls, the experience would never be the same without Austin, Sarah and Samara.

coachella 114

girls girls2

My musical highlights were Beach House, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Polica, Grimes, and Pretty Lights.  I’m sad to say I missed James Blake and Disclosure, both are a must see for all of you weekend two attendees.  Till next year!

Happy Coachella,



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