In New York City, that is quite frankly never the case. However sometimes it’s nice to wake up early and enjoy the morning rather than rush to work with but a minute to spare. Normally I am darting through avenues and streets, people and vehicles – and that is just the start of the day. So you can only imagine what ensues later in the day (blog for another time). When I look at my watch and I notice I am ready an extra 10-15 minutes early, my pace becomes a lot slower when I walk to work. Today I walked slow and sat around the corner from the office drinking my coffee in Piccolo Café.


A quaint little café that smells of truffle and butter, just the kind of thing to put you in a good mood once you wake up.

04_05_2013_003 04_05_2013_004

It was a pleasure to leisurely enjoy my iced coffee and got in some quick people watching in the window before it was off to work…


Have a great weekend,



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