When it comes to style, one of the best accessories you own is sitting right on top of your head. From Parisian pixies to flowing beach-bum waves, your hairstyle tells the world so much about you. If you’re lusting over the boho-chic aesthetic like we are, there are few things more Pinterest-board worthy than a free-spirited bohemian braid. We’re taking a look at some of our favorite summer takes on this classic hairstyle — and showing you how to recreate them with no fuss.

1.  On the Sidelines

CL Blog - Braids

There’s nothing wrong with a basic side braid — it’s a quick way to achieve a braided look without going to a lot of fuss. But if you want a braid with a little more oomph, you may want to complicate your side-braid strategy. Instead of just pulling all of your hair over to one shoulder and braiding lackadaisically, switch it up by braiding with intention. Place one chunky braid along the side, and tug on each plait for extra volume. Pair two differently sized fishtail braids on one side for cascading texture, or pin one small braid back behind your head, allowing the rest of your hair to fall freely in loose waves. It’s all about taking a proper braid and giving it some playful asymmetry.

2. Half and Half

CL Blog - Braids

If you’re not exactly braid inclined when it comes to your hairstyling skills, a half-up braid is a fairly low-maintenance option. There are a thousand different ways to attempt this romantic style. The key is to keep the look loose and flowing, as if you just pinned your hair back to get it out of your face (something that summertime temperatures demand anyway). This type of braid is easily upgraded by your choice of accessories, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your bobby pins and barrettes. Create an elegant metallic triangle with a few gold pins, or choose a circle clip for a creative spin on geometric shapes.

3. Undone Updo

CL Blog - Braids

There’s something so ethereal about an updo, and this sophisticated style easily transitions to a boho-goddess statement when it’s a little undone. Use a chunky Dutch or fishtail braid to create a plaited crown. Secure your hair into whatever updo you prefer, and then pull out some wispy layers to give it a messy finish. Dry shampoo adds texture, which is great for boosting volume at the roots and giving each plait more width. Boho accessories are perfect for this particular style, as well, so consider adding sparkly pins, floral accents or a textured headband for a playful touch.

Which of these boho-chic braids is your favorite, and which ones will you try this summer? Share your favorite bohemian styles (as well as your best hairstyling tips and tricks) in the comments section below!

Happy braiding!


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