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2 years ago I was in Chiangmai, Thailand and I visited the Elephant sanctuary where abused elephants are rescued. I adopted a baby elephant that was 4 years old and her name was Famai. A friend of mine, Tony was in Chiangmai last week and  I asked him to go bathe and feed Famai. She’s grown!! Her nickname is Moo meaning Pig, because she LOVES food… just like I do! :)

Famai and I two years ago

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India Design Trip

Here is a peak into our most recent design trip to India.  We had a busy trip, working on new designs for our Fall 2013 collection!  We did however manage to take a day to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra!

We took a horse and carriage ride to the Taj Mahal!

Tessa, myself, Chan, and Danielle in front of the Taj Mahal.

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New York: Williamsburg Bridge

Most people, when they think of New York, think of the beautiful sights of bridges, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge. We went here early one morning to capture the sunrise over the bridge. This one is particularly a great place to go on any morning as it will really wake you up: between the vibrant colors, bikers, and joggers, it’s a great way to start your morning by taking it all in over this bridge.

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Fall Daze

Until the beginning of October, we here in LA were still experiencing hot, summer weather; meaning 80 degree heat waves. The weather has slowly started to transition into one of the most beautiful times of the year, autumn. The weather is not too cold, yet it makes you want to snuggle up with a blanket and cup of warm cider by the fire. The leaves start turning orange, reds, and yellows, and we celebrate the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

Pumpkins are probably the poster child for fall foods. From soups to seeds, one of my favorites is pumpkin bread. I took the time this weekend to get my Betty Crocker on and bake. Here is an easy pumpkin bread recipe you can follow to make your own yummy bread:

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Mellow moon

rooftops have to be one of my favorite little getaways on days like these, especially when it makes you feel like you can touch the moon. and since autumn has rolled around, i’ve noticed that my accessories are changing color with the leaves! Chan Luu’s subdued stones and chains with a little color are what have been dangling on my wrists lately.

Graduated Grey Mix Wrap Bracelet on Sippa Leather

Gunmetal Chain Bracelet on Neon Yellow Cotton Cord

こんな良い天気の日、おくじょうににげるのが大好き. とくにクリアな日にお月さんさわれる見たい.
そしてあきになって来てはっぱ見たいにつけてるアクセのいろはだんだんかわってきてる. チャンルーのちょっと色が入っておちついたストーンとチェーンなアクセを最近よくつけてる.

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Inspiration from Delhi

At Dilli Haat craft market in Delhi. This is my favorite place to get inspiration from Indian artisans and a fun place to hang out after a day of hard work at the factory.

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Something I think most everyone enjoys in New York is the weekend brunch. On the weekends brunch is my only meal concern. One of my favorite spots is Clinton St Baking Company and Restaurant located right off of East Houston St on Clinton St. This place, although tiny, serves up amazing brunch creations. The only downside is the wait; it can be up to three hours on the weekends!

Right now I particularly love all of our diamond pieces paired back with my black skull and basic sterling silver wraps!

Enjoy some brunch this weekend!


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A Chan luu Engagement

Photography by:


My best friend Chris Kon just got married……Am thrilled for them!

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Think Pink, Live Green

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and Chan Luu has taken an active role in helping to support the campaign to Think Pink, Live Green with our specially designed friendship bracelets.  So far we have helped the Think Pink, Live Green initiative reach over 300,000 women!   It’s amazing to see how people join forces this month to support the cause from football players wearing pink shoes during a game to pink cupcakes at the grocery store!

Chan Luu for

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New York: LES

I am going to revisit the Lower East Side, which I wrote about in one of my earlier blogs posts, an area I could not write enough about to do it justice. The LES has some stigmas attached to it, such as being dirty (it is), unsafe (it is not) or just plain too far downtown (to some), but I see it as much more than that. To me, the Lower East Side is a culturally rich area that many nationalities have inhabited (Allen Street is also known as the Avenue of the Immigrants) with a plethora of thrift stores, boutiques, bars and restaurants.

All of these places are frequented by the young and old alike- whoever likes their scene a few decibels lower than Soho and Meatpacking, but also a few notches higher than Midtown and Upper East Side. This all sounds a bit overwhelming, but as I mentioned before, this area is quite expansive with lots to see and do. Abby and I took a trip down here one morning to Broome and Orchard where we found some quiet pockets of the usually bustling neighborhood. Without fail, I have added an array of places to visit next time I am down in this neighborhood:

From top left: Zest, Babycakes Gluten-Free Bakery, Home Espresso Bar, Dudley’s

Note to self: must try the breakie from Dudleys very soon

Check these out for some LES inspired pieces

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