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Fall into Fringe

Check out our new Fall apparel on our Website, and get my fringe skirt here!

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New York : Chan Luu

Most people know New York is one of the best/most exciting places to live and or visit. I like many others who call New York home, like to consider this city the 8th wonder of the world. For this reason, Nina and I have decided that for the next few weeks we are going to show you our favorite parts of this awesome city…

Week 1- The East Village

First stop for me, the East Village. Why, because this is where I call home.  To me the East Village is so appealing because one moment you will be walking through a graffiti lined alley, and at the next turn you will come across a beautiful, more often than not overgrown, hidden garden.

Vintage sidewalk sale: typical Saturday in the East Village

Garden on 2nd St bw Bowery and 2nd Ave

Check out our favorite spots in the East Village:


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In Nairobi Kenya, staying at this African wood cabin very cool, Check out Feels like am in the Out of Africa movie!

Its been a pretty wild first day, traveling around Nairobi in United Nation’s car, followed by a photographer and journalist. Since I am associated with the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative Group, they wanted me to get a feel of how people in Nairobi live. I have no words to describe the slums of Nairobi, and the hardships the families who are living in these slums are experiencing.

You have no idea how lucky we really are!

Log cabin where we are staying

Ngong House hotel in Nairobi

Korogocho slum in Nairobi

School in Korogocho

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Fall Mixes

For color, turquoise is one of my favorite stones! I love how turquoise jewelry is one of those items that can be worn all year around, especially when paired with grays and browns to tone it down for a fall look!

  1. Pyrite and Bronze Shade Crystal Single Wrap Bracelet on Taupe Cord   -This Pyrite and Swarovski Crystal single is a great piece to have and to layer with.  I love it with a turquoise wrap to accent the blue color and tone it down for fall.
  2. Multi Turquoise Dagger Necklace  - I love all of our long rosaries! This turquoise one is a great piece to have and easy to layer with.
  3. Graduated Turquoise Wrap Bracelet on Natural Grey Leather  - I love how this graduated Turquoise wrap is on natural grey leather, which gives it a fall look!

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NY Slice

One of the most famous, and enjoyable, activities in NYC according to me, would be the New York slice. When I first moved to NYC with little to my name, living next to a dollar “sliceria” was the best thing that could have happened to me. Financially, not nutritionally, speaking that is. For $1 it was easily the most affordable meal in NYC. Still, to this day I do enjoy a dollar slice every now and then. There is a science however to getting the most out of your dollar.. follow these simple mathematics:

Oh, and make sure you fold it…

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Hi Chan lovers! I’m blogging to you all the way across the world from Sweden. I’ve spent my summers growing up here and consider it my second home. I’ll be here for two weeks spending my time in the cities of Uppsala, Stockholm, and up north at our families lake house. I am so happy to be spending time with my friends and family. I hope you enjoy the beautiful scenery as much as I do!

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my newest Brioche Agate necklace has reminded me just how much I love long necklaces. I wrapped it twice and layered it with my Smoky Dagger necklace and the stones fit really nicely together. there’s even a little Chan Luu heart on the clasp, such a sweet accent. Looks like i’ll be dripping in stones this fall…新しいBrioche Agateネクレスでながいネクレスすごい好きのを思い出した. 2じゅうにまいて、スモーキーDaggerのと一緒にレイヤーしての色がすごく合ってた. クラスプに小さいチャンルーのハートがついててスゥイートなサプライズだった. これからあきになって良くいしのねくらすつけそう…

Brioche Agate Long Necklace

Smoky Dagger Necklace

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I LOVE farming!

I was an organic farmer in training at my best friend’s farm in Martha’s Vineyard.

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Name: Tessa Tran

Hometown: Los Angeles

Day Job: Assistant Jewelry designer for Chan Luu.

Best part of my job: Creating something new every day and traveling.

Daily Uniform: Usually monochromatic  and keepin’ it casual.

Today, I’m wearing: Chan Luu mesh skirt and lurex sweater.

Hidden talents: Tennis, cooking, interior decorating.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Hiking, farmers market, cooking, dinner w/friends, picnics at the park.

Guilty Pleasure: Drop Dead Diva

Favorite eatery in LA: Locanda Portofino.

Cheap eats:  Roast duck noodle soup from Sanam Luang Café!

I’m dying to go to: Seychelles, Turks & Caicos, Berlin.

Currently inspired by: Lia Melia’s color combinations.

Current book list:


  1. My Dear Bomb, Yoji Yamamoto
  2. Prefabulous + Sustainable, Sheri Koones
  3. Super Natural Every Day, Heidi Swanson
  4. Living and Eating, John Pawson & Annie Bell

Worthy Cause: Think Pink, Live Green initiative.

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I have always been into layering my long necklaces, but lately I have been adding a short one to the mix.

The short crystal jet necklace I am wearing is from our new fall/holiday collection…LOVE


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