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Oscars 2012

Bold basics seemed to be a hit at the Oscars this year.  My favorite colors were the vibrant reds and classy whites.

Get some of my favorite essential red and white accessories:

I love our Modal scarves for the summer.  They are incredibly soft and a little bit smaller than our regular cashmere scarves which makes them more wearable for the Spring and Summer.

I love this white crystal mix wrap and chain chiffon bracelet:

Get a classic red leather wrap for that red accent or a 5-wrap red chiffon bracelet:

Also, check out Rumi Neely’s blog post about her visit to the Chan Luu showroom!

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Tucson Gem Show

Hello, my name is Natalie; I’m part of Chan’s jewelry design team.  At the beginning of February I traveled with Chan, Tessa, and our buyer Krissie to the Tucson Gem Show.  Vendors form all over the world set up booths in expansive tents & convention centers.  Twice a year we visit this massive show to source new & interesting materials for our upcoming Collections.  This is where Chan gathers gems, metals & inspiration.

Racks of beads at the African Village

Chan selecting colorful inspiration pieces; these necklaces were made from recycled records.

Handmade paper beads.  Love the colors & creativity!

A vendor at the African Village.

There are rows & rows of gems mined from every part of the globe.

Chan & Tessa picking out some special pieces for the Fall 2012 Collection.

Going to this show is always an adventure; we never know what treasures we’ll find.  It’s like taking a trip around the world to shop for exotic stones…  But we just visit the Arizona desert!  The best part is getting back home to LA to create new & wonderful pieces for the next Chan Luu Collection.



Crystal Casual

The majority of the time, we think of crystals being worn in a fancy and very luxurious way. I wanted to show that you can also wear crystals in a casual way, dressed down for daytime. I paired my Spring 2012 crystal top with cutoff shorts, and a Spring 2012 dove cardigan, which you can now buy on our website!




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Lurex maxi dress available at Calypso St. Barth:



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Classic New York- The NYPL

The New York Public Library is just a few blocks away from our showroom. Architecturally, it is considered to be a classic New York landmark. It is monumental both is size and style. I loving stopping by on my way home to check out what’s going on, there are always people buzzing around.

Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street, New York, NY


Have a great weekend!


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Patriot Blue Black

I’m loving long skirts… they are so comfortable yet stylish at the same time!  Check out our long printed chiffon skirt in Patriot Blue- Black.

Check out our cropped sweater, which is great to wear with high-wasted skirts or layered over collared shirts:


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The Edge.

Hello everyone, my name is Nik Sarac and I am the lead graphic designer here at Chan Luu.  I do all of the product photography, banners, and other miscellaneous graphics you may see on our website.

I’m excited to get to know everyone as I guest blog here and there throughout the year, and am especially excited to have the opportunity to introduce some of the new pieces from our men’s collection.

My style is very eclectic, ranging from 70′s punk to modern black and whites, and our collection has a little bit of everything for every era I choose to dress in.

I especially love the red browns and metallic green colors throughout the collection.

You can get what I’m wearing on the 14th of this month, so keep a lookout!!

Until next time,



My new favorite color for spring is heather, a light pastel blue. Heather is a delicate and whimsical color, perfect to compliment the forthcoming spring season. My sparkly beaded Chan Luu swing top from our Spring 2012 collection is now available on our website!





We’ve met before when I wrote about the trip that Chan, Terry, and I took to Tokyo last summer, but let me reintroduce myself quickly… I am Jillian, the international and department store rep at Chan Luu, and you will be hearing from me occasionally for guest blogs on our website.

2012 has been a whirlwind for our company so far, with tradeshows in NY, Paris, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and market in LA. We also just finished the Gift Show in NYC and I wanted to share a little, since this is a brand new show for Chan Luu.

We created a beautiful custom booth and here is a photo of the huge sign with our logo:

Since this is a gift show, here are some of my favorite styles from the new spring collection that I think would make great gifts:

These bracelets come in sets of three in cute vintage silk boxes:

I love this wrap bracelet and it is available on our website right now under ‘new this month – gypsy leather gifts’

Gifting Chan Luu is the best… one for me, one for you!


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