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splish splash!

I tend to be drawn to neutrals, white, and black so I always try to add a splash of color for excitement.  This summer I’ve been playing with turquoise, fuchsia, and cobalt blue.

I love throwing my long Chan Luu turquoise and amazonite lariat over a plain tank and calling it a day!  It hits at the perfect length and is most definitely one of my summer staples.

For wraps I’ve mixed rose golds, blues, and greens to create that perfect blend of colors.


I’m also in love with these four pieces for some summer bonanza…all available on our website.

Check out the cover of Women’s Wear Daily, also featuring our geometric fringe necklace!

For your splish splash of color try:

Happy Wednesday!

<3 Nancy Pants

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SS12 Video

Also check out Chan’s friend Donovan Frankenreiter accessorized in Chan Luu.

Get his look here:

xo Tessa


goodbye for now…

Today is my last full day at Chan Luu, a company that I have been with for the last 5 years of my life. I don’t have words to express my gratefulness for this company, which has provided me with amazing relationships, travels around the world and the opportunity to grow into the person I am today. As I have decided to go back to school to study urban agriculture, I will continue to work with the company and hopefully make a guest blog post here and there.

The new blogger will be Abby Jones in our New York showroom. Abby is the southeast Sales Rep from Georgia and she is a master at layering bracelets and long necklaces. She has amazing style and a brilliance for  unexpected combination, such as when she mixes silk tunics with leather boots and heavy layers of jewelry.

We decided to take a few pictures of our outfits today to show the difference between our individual style. Abby is wearing a Chan Luu mirrored skirt paired, a navy blue tank top and layers of sterling silver necklaces with a splash of turquoise. I chose to wear a Chan Luu frock with mesh collar detailing and a short lace cluster necklace. The below shots are taken in Times Square and from our showroom terrace….

Please help me in welcoming Abby to the blog team!

Happy Friday and another HUGE THANK YOU to Terry and Chan for everything!!!!




There are Gypsy’s all over the world and each encompasses a different dressing aesthetic.   The one thing I love about them all is that they are all truly unique in their style.

Look for my Gypsy Skirt, available for order at the NYC Accessories circuit next week and LA Market in August.


come fly with me

In lue of the light and airy summer weather we’ve had in LA, I spent this past week adorning myself with lots of delicate feather Chan accessories. I have always been inspired by Native American trends, and what better way to follow this trend than to mix traditional tribal and feather pieces into your outfit.

I paired my vintage Chan Luu maxi skirt with colorful wrap bracelets and tribal printed cuffs. My feather touch was our single red mix bracelet with a gold feather charm.

You can find the red mix feather single  and multi wrap on natural brown leather on our website!

I love having a subtle hint of feather peeking through my hair. Our feather earrings not only have a real feather, but also a feather charm for double the fun!

Like my red printed cuff? Check out this coral/turquoise mix…

xox Annika



Photo Cred: Julian Tran

TGIF… have a great weekend!

Xo Tessa


Out of Africa

I recently had a “date night” by myself at home and watched Out Of Africa.  It inspired me to tap into my safari side and pull out some olives, khakis, button-ups and floppy hats!

A still from Out of Africa.

Photograph by Peter Beard.

Have to reminisce about one of the most famous safari photos out there: Verushka in YSL.

Check out my featured guest curator spot on

Use this promo code on  and receive 10% off anything!: CHANLUU10

Thanks so much to Natalie for the write-up! Check out her blog at


me ke aloha

This past week Chan spent some quality time on the beautiful island of Kauai. Knowing that she draws inspiration from all of her travels, I was curious to find out more on the history of Hawaiian jewelry.

In the 4th and 5th century, the jewelry was constructed from the materials around them- shells, coral, bark, bone, feathers, seeds, teeth, hair, and whale ivory.  Designs like fish, sea turtles, and canoes reflected an isolated island life. One of the most sought after kinds of jewelry, was a hook-shaped necklace , lei niho palaoa. The lei niho palaoa was only worn by the ali`i, or the high ruling chief.

The lei niho palaoa symbolized strength and power, and the spirit of the gods was said to be passed on to the wearer.

Known in Hawaiian as the makau, the fish hook pendant promises its wearer strength, prosperity and good luck. In the early days of Polynesian settlement in Hawaii, the ancient fishermen created fish hooks out of every available material they could find. Using tools and files made from stone and coral, they chipped and carved fish hooks out of shell, wood and bone. These necklaces are Chan Luu’s modern take on the makau.

Chan shared some of her personal pictures from this past visit.  Here she is on a lake in Kauai.

Catching up with her good friend, musician/surfer, Donovan Frankenreiter, was a must.

Chan relaxed at the lake by Donovan’s house with his wife, Petra, and adorable sons Hendrix and Ozzy.

Donovan’s children in particular were obsessing over their Chan Luu wrap bracelets….even while they’re hard at work.

Hendrix Frankenreiter (left), he’s already an amazing surfer like his dad.

Ozzy Frankenreiter (right), says his friends are jealous because he’s wearing Chan Luu while surfing. He’s only 6!

Happy campers!

Chan’s love of the islands and Hawaiian culture makes its way into her designs, from her use of semi-precious stones to the care that goes into each handmade piece.

Happy Friday!

<3 Nancy Pants



FIDM Museum and Gallery is hosting a new exhibit, “Little Black Dress: An homage to Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” On display is the re-creation of Audrey Hepburn’s famed dress from the House of Givenchy, along with interpretations from Dior, Chanel, Monique Lhuillier, Kevan Hall, Chan Luu, and more.

Fashion illustrations by FIDM Students.

Chan Luu Crystal Dress

Costume Designer Laura Goldsmith, Chan Luu, Designer Kevan Hall.

Check out our dress at the FIDM museum located in downtown LA on 9th and Grand. This free exhibition will be on display through August 13th!



Ode to America

When I think of American Fashion, I think of Ralph Lauren with his clean lines, turquoise jewelry, and use of whites and khakis.  Then I think of denim and Levi’s Strauss and how long they have been making the same styles and how much cooler it is to have a pair of original red label Levis…

Check out this Lapis Mix Wrap Bracelet for something easy to wear with denim:

Check out this cuff, which is just like mine but in a Lapis Mix:

See my turquoise necklace here, except in a turquoise mix! :

See my Gold fringe necklace here in Gunmetal:

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